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Safeguarding an EXTREME world

Safeguarding an EXTREME world

Opt/Net BV solves the unsolvable, untangling the most complex network issues on the planet, for companies where failure isn’t an option. We work with telecoms firms, managed service providers, and cyber security outfits, specialising in major incidents, high risk issues and mission critical challenges. We’re the people the experts call when they’re stumped.

Why hire us?

We can help you when no-one else can. We’re a small, elite team.

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Reference Projects

Content and Experience delivery solutions for any service provider

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How we work?

We tackle issues immediately. We begin by doing forensic investigation and gathering data...

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Our product line


Opt/Net develops this project for nearly 14 years. NG-NetMS already proved to be an indispensable tool for rapid data collection during audits and network infrastructure assessments.

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Opt/Net develops the near real-time OPerator Time Optimized decision Support System for ICT infrastructures (OPTOSS). This project is nearly 10 years old and already proved to be indispensable tool for rapid data collection during audits and network infrastructure assessments.

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We stand behind our work!


Davide Rizza

Network Engineer at Fastweb, Italy

I’ve really appreciated the contribution of Opt/Net Consulting during testing and “tuning” of the new software release before the major upgrade of the broadband network routers. Consultant's deep familiarity with the hardware architecture of the target platforms ensured that no "stone was left unturned" during the validation testing and there was no room left for "bugs" to hide.


Taras Matselyukh

Founder and Managing Director at OPT/NET, The Netherlands

We are a boutique consultancy company and we take proud in our work and do everything possible to satisfy our customers. You simply can not find a firm where you can get a better service. We make impossible possible and you will notice the difference in our approach from the very beginning. Call us NOW for 1 hour free consultancy and tell us about your issues. I am very optimistic that we can help!